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Celebrating McQueens Florist

Halloween Special: Tinaween presents Bloodbath on Broadway

AnOther Magazine 25th Issue Party: Lou Lou’s Through the Looking Glass

©Amelia Karlsen


Sometimes a window can do wonders!

This is a window in Scotland and this to me qualifies as a ‘Wonderwindow’


A beautiful colour that returned to me this summer is Caramel. Ehhhm, yum yum!!  Caramel and cobalt blue, Caramel and bright green, Caramel and dark brown, Caramel and dark florescent pink… Melting!

Dan Croll!

The lovely and very talented Dan Croll came around one day this summer for a catch up. We ate a massive pizza and snapped some pictures. A day can’t get any better really!!

Check out his music: